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Healthy Beauty 1st Creator of Liquid Foundation - Innovation Award

Mineral Magic Foundation Video Demo and Review

Posted on 09 December 2015

Here is my EVERYDAY foundation routine. There are times I go in with a little more concealer under the eyes to give the area more coverage. But this video is to show that you can go in with even a lighter foundation shade and make it look brighter and nice in the area.

I use our Katie B Cosmetics Mineral Magic Liquid Foundation in this video. I created this foundation formula because I wanted something that is healthy for the skin and that was in liquid form. Years ago when I worked on set as a Playboy makeup artist, there was only heavy foundations that was filled with chemicals and synthetics. After a long day on set, a lot of the models would break out. I would feel so bad! Also, back then the only mineral makeup had loose powders as “foundation” which we know didn’t cover as much to give the flawless look. Therefore, I worked with chemists and labs to create this perfectly formulated liquid mineral foundation! You’ll see in the video how amazing my skin looks after I use the foundation.


I also try out a few new products for the first time in this video. It’s like a first impression video all in one! I tried theBalm Cosmetics: Mary-Lou Manizer Honey-Hued Luminizer Powder. It’s a gorgeous champagne highlighter and gives a nice shimmer. I loved it. I also tried the Carli Babel 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette. The colors in the palettes are beautiful. The pigmentation was good. For $14, I think it’s a good price for what you get. My favorite shadows and highlights where the shimmer ones. They had a lot of pigmentation and shine. They looked so beautiful on and everyone complimented me on the pretty shimmer!

I plan on doing another post on how I do my brows. I should have that up in a few days. Love you cupcakes!

-XOXO Katie B

Products Used in Order:

-Katie B Cosmetics (KBC) Groundworks Foundation Primer: HERE

-KBC Mineral Magic Liquid Foundation In G500 and then G400: HERE

*Applied with my KBC Beauty Blender Sponge: HERE

-KBC Pure Perfection Hydrating Anti-aging Powder in FAIR under the eyes and MEDIUM around the rest of the face: HERE

*Applied with my KBC Retractable Kabuki Brush: HERE

-KBC 3 Well Contour Palette: HERE

-KBC Selfie Blush in Salmon: HERE

-theBalm Cosmetics: Mary-Lou Manizer Honey-Hued Luminizer Powder: HERE

-KBC Everlasting Gel Eyeliner in Black: HERE 

*Applied with Sonia Kashuk Core Tools Bent Eyeliner Brush No. 107: HERE

-Carli Bybel 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighting Palette: HERE

Watch the Tutorial:


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