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Healthy Beauty 1st Creator of Liquid Foundation - Innovation Award
  • Mineral Lip Liner

Mineral Lip Liner

$ 13.50


Create THE Ultimate Pout!

Katie B's fans constantly compliment her models for the beautiful full lips they have in their photos. Little do those fans know that many of Katie B's models have average or even thin lips. Katie B creates the ultimate pout with her Mineral Lip Crayon. Katie B's Mineral Lip Crayon is smooth, ultra creamy, and glides on easily. Its texture is unlike any other! No tugging or pulling of the lips involved here! Katie B's Mineral Lip Crayon is also long lasting and smudge resistant. You can also use Katie B Mineral Lip Crayon to prevent bleeding of the lip products into the lines around the mouth! Create the lips you have always wanted, or define them and let everyone see how beautiful your lips truly are!

Who Should Use Lip Liners?

There is a falsehood that persons with full lips should not use liners. However, Katie B will tell you that everyone can use the help of the right lip liner. Whether your lips are thin, average, or full, you will benefit from the help of Katie B's Mineral Lip Crayon. Katie B's Mineral Lip Crayon can make your lips appear fuller - more luscious; it can help define the shape of your lips; and it can help your lipstick or lip gloss stay on longer!

Also, with many of the existing liners out there, Katie B understands why everyone probably skips the step of lip liners. Other brands have shades that make lips look fake or too overdone. They can be too light where it looks like you have no liner at all. They can be too dark where it looks like you just ate some chocolate and now have chocolate residue around the lining of your lips. Or they are just stubborn and hard to draw on your lips! But of course don't expect those occurrences to happen with Katie B's Mineral Lip Crayon!

What Makes Katie B's Lip Crayon Different than Other Existing Lip Liners?

First, Katie B's Lip Crayon is made of MINERALS! Say good bye to using chemically loaded, synthetic lip liners on your lips. The mineral aspect of Katie B's Lip Crayon is all natural and safe for even the most sensitive users. Second, Katie B's Mineral Lip Crayon combines the old Hollywood trick of using a white lip liner to create full lips with today's hottest fad of a neutral lip! Forget having to go over the white liner with a brown/neutral liner. Use Katie B's Mineral Lip Crayon in "Neutral" and with one stroke around the perimeter of your lips, you just created fuller lips! Third, Katie B has hand selected five basic shades that everyone can use in their makeup kit. These shades will work for everyone. With these five basic shades, there is no more guessing as to which shades will work for you. They all will so try them all!

How to Use Katie B's Lip Crayon to Create the Ultimate Pout?

Point and glide the tip of Katie B's Lip Crayon a little bit outside your natural lip line. Katie B likes to start on the center of the lips and draw outward. This way you can decide how full you want to draw your lips. You can even draw completely outside of your lips and Katie B's Lip Crayon will make it look like you have naturally full lips. Simply make sure you fill in your lips by holding the Mineral Lip Crayon at an angle while you fill in your lips. This method is probably one of the oldest Hollywood tricks to natural looking fuller lips! Also, make sure you draw your lips symmetrically.



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